Since Silman’s inception, we have been a leader in the field of renovation. While not as glamorous as new construction, renovation of buildings of all sizes has become especially important in recent years as people begin to think more globally about the environment. We approach each renovation project with speed, breadth, and careful attention to cost. At Silman we are very proud of our outstanding reputation for approaching renovation in a creative, often elegant way. In addition to our long experience with renovation, we are widely known for our willingness to use state of the art technology. We have a long and distinguished history of successful renovation projects, many of which were completed while the building remained in use.

Although often tied to adaptive reuse and historic preservation, renovation can be especially challenging because we are often dealing with a building about which there is little information or which has carefully defined limits. Thus we have to investigate the original systems, sometimes with probes.

Over the years, Silman has successfully dealt with a variety of project environments, including phasing renovations within occupied structures, stabilizing adjacent properties during construction, designing permanent structures to fit around semi-permanent bracing, and excavating below occupied structures. In each case, Silman has worked closely with the client, design team, and contractor to produce a set of construction documents that is approved by all parties. Our participation does not end with the release of construction documents – we are dedicated to seeing each project through to completion, and find that the most valuable knowledge is gained when we watch our designs be built.