New Construction

New construction accounts for 50% of our entire workload. Our extensive experience with both historic and modern structures has taught us which technologies work best, and our understanding of both new and old construction is a tremendous asset to any design team and construction team.

We are well versed in the use of all materials: steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, masonry, light gage metals, fabric structures and even high tech materials such as carbon fiber and titanium. We don’t merely design to typical industry standards, but are willing to explore different systems, and interact effectively with the rest of the design team. We are proactive rather then reactive. Thus, we can anticipate issues before they become problems. Many of these issues are architectural in nature. For example, we often review the architect’s waterproofing details or envelope details to offer a fresh perspective on the system and how it may perform.

More importantly, we are known for our attention to the whole scope of the architectural design and the owner’s needs. We get to know the owner and the team as well as we can. Often, the owner’s past experience, or lack thereof, can lead us to make well informed decisions. This emphasis on both the design team and the owner makes for a more cohesive effort and a superior finished product, one that is designed on time and within budget.

We believe that the overall success of a project can be measured not only in dollars and cents, but also in the ability to make the construction process seamless. How often does the construction administration phase become adversarial? Our goal during the CA phase is to first start with a well-coordinated set of documents, despite the time restrictions often given. Next, the team that worked on the design must continue through CA, as they are the ones intimate with the design process. If pre-construction conferences with various trades are in order, we convene these. Lastly, there must be a good rapport with the contractors, as they need to be able to depend on our firm to provide answers to field issues in a timely manner, and be available to review construction issues. Our goal is to be vocal during construction, in a positive way, and to be an asset to a successful project completion.